Making followers of Jesus and raising up leaders for the next generation is a priority for us here at ENAC.  The discipleship journey is mapped out in these strategic 4 E’s:  Engage, Establish, Equip, and Empower.  We are first to become followers of Jesus and then help others follow Him and stay connected to a spiritual family.  You are never alone in this journey.  No matter what season of life we are in we are all called to journey with people who passionately love God and follow Him.

When it comes to discipleship, everything is about relationship. Your relationship with God, fellow believers and the people God wants you to reach out to. It's having fellowship with other believers and making other people follow Jesus.  It's intentionally building a personal and purposeful relationship with God, His people and lost people.  

The way Jesus made disciples is in small groups. Although he ministered to them privately, he saw how important it is to work with a team. In the same way, Every Nation Auckland considers connect groups as essential to make disciples and reach the lost.

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