Infay & Malia Wong-See

Community Directors

Infay and Malia Wong-See are the Community Directors and Elders in ENAC. This couple have been married thirteen years and boast a tribe of six children, four boys and two princesses, with hopes to add more. Both of them are three-quarters Samoan; Infay’s other quarter is Chinese and Malia’s is German; although both are New Zealand born. Infay originates from Hamilton and Malia from Whanganui. She later moved to Hamilton for studies, which is where the two met and began their life together. They shifted to Auckland in 2005 and have been part of our Every Nation family since then.

With them taking the post of Community Directors just after the start of 2014, the whole ministry is undergoing a great shift. The leadership team they work with are wrestling with the Lord to produce a new vision and direction for this vital Ministry. Please stay tuned for more updates on this flourishing ministry.