Discipleship Booklet

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Date: 29 April 2020

Discipleship is not supposed to be complicated. Difficult, sometimes; complicated, never. Two thousand years ago, it was so simple that a carpenter explained it to uneducated fishermen in one sentence (Matthew 4:19). The fishermen understood it, acted on it and they changed the world. If modern discipleship is confusing or complicated, it is because we have strayed from the biblical pattern that Jesus and the original twelve disciples modelled for us. For Jesus, discipleship was and is the top priority. Yes, He fed the hungry and healed the sick, but He always gave the twelve disciples His prime time. His final word to them before He ascended into heaven was a commission not just to be disciples but to make disciples. Like the original followers of Jesus, we are supposed to be disciples and make disciples. In other words, we follow Jesus and to help others follow Him while staying in fellowship with spiritual family. The problem is that while most Christians agree that discipleship is important, even essential for Christian maturity, only a precious few have a clear strategy for discipleship. Even fewer have a simple definition of discipleship. DISCIPLEMAKERS was written for three reasons. 

1 - Provide a simple, biblical definition of discipleship. 

2 - Present a clear discipleship pathway that will help meet our evangelism, discipleship and maturity needs. 

3 - Activate individuals to get started in the adventure of making disciples in a way that will ensure maximum fruitfulness

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