While writing this, it was hard to think of why I was drawn into a relationship with God, not for any bad reasons but just because there were so many reasons as to why I was so drawn to Him!

The number one thing that had never been particularly great in my life had been relationships; as in, relationships with friends and family. I had been let down and hurt so many times that I didn’t even realise how big the walls I had built around me were until I gave my life to Christ.

I think for me the biggest thing that drew me to wanting a relationship with God was the love He gave, the happiness He bought, and the love I could receive!

It all started when I saw someone who had been out on their own journey (and knowing all the hardships they had endured) in a totally different mind frame within only a couple of days. It left me in total awe! It was like they were a totally different person! And I wanted to know what that feeling was like - how it felt to be so overly happy and on fire for God!

I remember going to church for the first time. I’m not going to lie - the whole ride there I was on the edge of my seat. When we arrived I was so close to crying because I didn’t want to go in and I was so nervous. I was so overwhelmed with different emotions. I could see during worship how everyone loved to worship God and how happy it made them! And for once I really felt like I could see and feel what love was meant to feel like.

The week after I gave my life, I felt the love, acceptance, happiness, hope and peace of God. Everything I had wanted and searched for was found in this relationship with God! And I guess that was one of the reasons that drew me to a relationship with God, and every second of it has been so worth it.