The journey of transitioning from South Africa to New Zealand was exciting and also slightly terrifying. The fear of the unknown usually plays a vital role. My experience thus far has been a rollercoaster ride. There are days where I feel extremely blessed to be here and then there are days where I miss my family and friends.

Entering into New Zealand, I found it quite difficult and stressful in a way. Leaving everything behind in South Africa was heartbreaking. I struggled to find my feet due to the fear I had of not being able to fit in. At first New Zealand seemed like a strange place mostly because it was not what I'm familiar with. Growing up in South Africa where racism still exists and the crime rate is extremely high, you begin to worry as to what this new place would be like. Surprisingly it was nothing like what I've known my whole life. It's a breath of fresh air to walk around without getting weird looks because of the colour of my skin or someone robbing me of my valuables.

On top of the privilege of transitioning to a safer country, we found a new spiritual family. I remember my first visit to ENAC I was welcomed with warm smiles, friendly hugs and kind words. The love, support and friendship I received at ENAC was very comforting. I finally felt the sense of belonging and part of a spiritual family. The fear of not being able to fit in immediately made it's way out of my heart. The spiritual food I received from ENAC has helped my faith grow more and more each day.

Along with finding church family, there was campus ministry too! My first encounter with the ENC campus team was uplifting and welcoming. Meeting up for discipleship was not only spiritual growth, but also friendship bonds. The way myself and a few of the girls connected was awesome. I met Karina, Petra and Elisha who spoke life into mine and were there to give me spiritual advice needed for different circumstances I go through. The offered their friendship and sistership that I longed for, without any hesitation. It's extremely difficult for me to trust and connect with people because I've been let down and disappointed in my past. I was amazed when I felt an instant connection with students in ENC and church family and with the bond we share. I now know what true friendship is. Fellowship has been really exciting and inspiring.

I am absolutely in love with the values and love ENAC has portrayed to not just myself but my family also. I feel extremely blessed to be part of this amazing fellowship. I no longer feel like an outcast. Being part of ENAC made me realise that family is important. I thank God for blessing me with an amazing support system.