The 3 day missions trip opened my eyes and heart to what faith in action is all about. As we shared the Gospel to people, participated in a prayer walk, and fed the poor; I didn't feel tired at all. Instead I felt refreshed and recharged in my faith. Jesus promised in Matthew 28: 18-20 from action words of "then go and make disciples and teach them to obey" comes the promise "and surely I am with you to the very end of the age" and in Acts 1:8 Jesus promised that "we will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on us we will be witnesses" so that we can minister to others.

This happened to me whilst on this trip. I experienced Jesus minister to us through the Holy Spirit. As we ministered to others, there is an unexplainable joy in our hearts and a calling in our hearts that even though we are different from each other we are united and empowered in Christ.

As our trip came to an end, I was reminded of that boy who had two fish and five loaves of bread. It didn’t matter why he was there and what he had, it only mattered that he gave all he had. God is not asking me to do a grand gesture for Him or to show that I am doing well, God is only asking me to be available for Him to use me and offer Him even as little as mustard seed faith for Him to grow and use to bless others.

Regina Gecain

#PeopleMatter #FaithTheSizeOfAMustardSeed #FaithfulAndAvailable