I was working two jobs at the time, both jobs did not pay much, and transport was so expensive to and from class. There was a time when I had no money for some weeks while studying and walking was the only option to class and back home from the city. I prayed and asked God “please help me get to class”, but I did not hear anything from Him. During that time, God was teaching me patience and teaching me to remain in Him and trust him that He would provide.

God had my back all along and spoke to certain people that blessed me beyond what I needed and expected. God’s reassurance to me was from my favourite Bible verse was Proverbs 3:5-6, which talks about trusting God no matter how big or small your problems and know that His wisdom is far better than what we think or what we know. I had to learn to be patient and I had to learn to put my trust in Him even for the smallest problems that I may have and not doubt because I know in the end He will definitely come through in His own time.

Niemaia Bola

#PeopleMatter #GodIsAlwaysFaithful #HeKnowsYourNeeds #JehovahJireh