In 2016, the biggest thing God taught me was to step out in faith and outside my comfort zone. When I was told to consider putting my name forward for the ENC Exec team I laughed to myself.“Haha, Good one, God! I’ve just arrived at university!?”. I could not picture myself being part of the leadership team for Every Nation Campus. I was always doubtful of how ‘qualified’ I was or what skills I could bring to the team.

Zechariah 4:6: “Not by might nor by power but by my Spirit says the Lord Almighty”. This was what God had repeatedly spoke to me after praying as to whether or not I should put my name forward. To stop trusting in my own strength and to rely on God’s strength. To stop doubting whether I am good enough because God has called us and has put us where we are for a reason. To just trust in Him and not get caught up about what could go wrong or what others would think.

I guess it's those sorts of doubts and worries that I had about myself that really makes me excited about other students knowing Jesus. Because campus is a place where you have all these young people. Some are absolutely sure on what they are doing and how they are going to get there. Others are not too sure about what lies ahead of them. But isn’t it just so amazing to know that God has a plan for our lives? That is why I cannot wait for campus students to have a personal relationship with God, because that is the ONLY way we can truly realize what God wants for our lives.

I cannot wait for the day when all campus students that come to know God will just step back and say: “Wow. God, I really never would have expected the plans you had for my life!”

Miguel Errazo

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