If you had to reduce accountability to every day terms for a Christian - it would be, in my opinion, having your sisters' or brothers' back. There have been many times where my walk with God has turned dry or difficult, and the only thing that kept me going was either the prayers of my discipleship group, their honest opinion or a word of encouragement. I think it's so important to find people who can not only walk alongside you in your faith, but be real enough to urge you to keep going or pull you aside when something they feel is not right for the direction God wants you. And accountability works both ways cause after all iron sharpen iron and so for me, I always try to ask God if there's anyone He can put in my heart to pray for. Or I purposefully try to meet up with people and genuinely just check in on how they are doing. Yes we live in fast paced world and as much as people put their life on social media, it's not necessarily the truth they are living. So hopefully this way I can stand alongside them, speak honesty through love and remind them that there is a generous God with so much grace that they can lean on and draw forgiveness from unconditionally and everyday.