How was the Freedom Weekend for you?

"It was amazing, life-changing. It will be a very bright future for these men." - Pankaj Dhir

"I believe it is God who appointed me to be there and I was really blessed during this weekend." - Harold Aquino

"I can't emphasise it enough. There's something special about a biblical and God-focused camaraderie and that's what we had this weekend, and that's what it's all about- putting it on the line, just sharing our struggles, and encouraging one another through the Word of God. And just guy love- God love, guy love." *laughs* - Jono Hamer

What's one thing that God spoke to you about?

"What God taught me through this weekend is to not doubt your trust in God, to not doubt your faith- that's the biggest lie of the enemy that can spoil your faith in Christ. Go for it and Jesus will be there to protect you always." - Pankaj Dhir

"I got freedom from broken relationships that affected my outlooks in life. And now I'm more encouraged to seek discipleship more actively. So I reckon I'll be more open to discipleship and discipling others as well." - Harold Aquino

"For me it was breaking the bondage of fear and insecurity and how that turns into anger, rage, and hate. Nobody wants to feel like that. Nobody wants to suffer from the violent anger, the hatred, and the rage that comes from fear, or it could be from bullying. There are many different things it could source from. Deliverance from that- that's really what I had. It's a really good encouragement from people. Some prophetic word. And just what the Bible says, God did not give us a spirit of fear, but of power and love and of a sound mind." - Jono Hamer

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