I grew up going to Sunday School. Some Sundays I would be excited to go to Kids' Church, some Sundays not so much. I was most excited to go, not because of the new thing I was going to learn but because of the overall fun atmosphere that it offered. I was never the enthusiastic kid who would volunteer to do praise and worship, I would just be the keen observer in the midst of all the other kids. At a young age, I never really fully understood the stories, I just listened to the pastor and believed them to be true. When I turned 13, it was time to go to "big church" but most of my friends were still in Kids' Church so I decided to stay and help out. I didn't think that after almost 7 years I'd still be in the Kids Ministry, a leader in fact.

Of course, it wasn't a perfect journey and yes, I made mistakes whilst I was telling stories from the Bible to 3-6 year olds, but I learned to take responsibility of the role that God has set out for me. Never in a million years would I have thought that I would be standing in front of children teaching them about God; radically dancing for God; leading a girls' discipleship group and leading the team of volunteers. It's definitely all a part of God's plan for my personal and spiritual growth.

I know the need for children to be able to fully understand God's purpose in their lives at this young age, I know because I've been in their shoes. For them to be able to know the truth, believe it and act upon it is vital for this next generation; they are disciples in training, not in waiting. Children are not little kids who don't understand things like adults do, they are just as important as everyone else, so we should take responsibility in teaching and discipling them NOW! I am thankful to God for revealing the importance of the next generation to me and giving me this opportunity to grow and learn with them.

Elisha Mae Joseph

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