I’m always blessed that God uses simple illustrations to give profound instruction to His people.

Take, for instance the accounts where bread is incorporated into Jesus’ teaching or where it was a part of a miracle that happened.

Have you ever made bread from scratch or watched someone else go through the process? If you are going to embark on this joyous task, there are some things you need to understand first.

There are 3 essential ingredients that will make your loaf of bread a rising success. It takes careful measures of yeast, sugar and water to combine and ferment before being added to flour and left to rise.

After the first rising, the dough must be kneaded, punched down, squeezed and stretched until the air is removed.

Then it is left to rise again which it does so beautifully, ready to be baked.

If any of the 3 ingredients of yeast, sugar or water are missing, there will be no fermentation and your bread will not rise.

Similarly, we need all 3 persons of the Trinity to combine in our lives to complete our faith.

You can create your own picture of which ingredient represents which person. This is not about making that finer association but my own musings on bread, ingredients and the power of the number 3.

From time to time God will begin to ‘knead’ us . This stretching removes imperfections, humbling and lowering us so then we are able to rise to the fullness in Him; of all He has for us.

Do we have the right ingredients?