"You would think that everyone’s first encounter with Jesus would a memorable and happy one, engulfed with the overwhelming love and peace his grace and mercy brings. Mine however is a totally different story. I had my first encounter with Jesus when I was a child in my pre-teens. I believe it was in the outskirts of the kingdom of heaven. Where the sky was beautiful and it seemed to be like I was on a beach. Standing on big beautiful stones which I can’t precisely detail the colour. They were like violet, orange and gold but more beautiful than any stone here on earth. Then I saw Jesus approaching with arms open wide, he was smiling and clothed in pure white. You would think that anyone would run into his open arms and just be held and be at peace with his love, not me.

I felt afraid and shaken deep down into my inner most being, there was no hostility from him but I was terrified and petrified. The very next thing I did was to run away as hard and fast as I can. When I looked back Jesus was walking towards me with his arms still open and still smiling at me. Then I reached the edge of the stones, what I thought was a beach turned out to be a cliff. I glanced down and saw it was a very long way down, then I looked back at Jesus and he was coming closer. Then I finally jumped.

Till this day I still don’t know what that dream meant, but what really is a first encounter? To me every encounter is a fresh and first one. Because I heard a silent whisper that “He loves me” and that is all I need to know. I still wait and yea for the day I see Jesus again in that beautiful rocky place, with his glorious arms wide open and beautiful smile. But this time I’ll be running towards him with all my heart, my mind, my soul and being."

Rey David Lim

#PeopleMatter #OpenArms #JesusLoves