"I love spiritual family because these people can identify with all the ups and downs of being a follower of Jesus. It helps me to keep persevering when challenges get real rough. Last year I was having a difficult time finding my purpose in life so I fell away and isolated myself thinking that I could fix things through sheer will power. It was quite a long time before I was brought down to earth (almost 3 quarters of the year) and knew that I needed someone to help me walk this out day to day. HOWEVER instead of asking for help I just continued to try and “solider on” and this is where God reached me through spiritual family in the form of my friend and mentor. There wasn’t some magical talk that brought me to my senses (that happened later); all he did was just pick me up for church every Sunday and connect group on a Friday we would just talk in traffic on the way to church or on the way to connect group, we didn’t talk about hugely philosophical things, we just talked. It was THROUGH these talks that I was able to mature in God little by little and be confident enough to be stable to walk the challenges of life without running away and isolating myself. That’s why I love spiritual family people because they can stick with you."

Joshua Nawaqavanua

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