Alyssa Laysico

Category: Stories
Date: 8 January 2019

I suffered from depression and anxiety for the last two years. I reached the point where I really didn’t want to continue living anymore. I even questioned God, asking why do I encounter such bad circumstances? Why can’t I be just happy for once? 2018 came and at first, I thought everything was falling apart still; I lost an opportunity to work for a company that I thought would be perfect for me as an artist. I already signed the contract with them, but they took back the offer because of my visa and this almost sent me back to my home country. I almost lost my new job because of a requirement in the Philippines that I wasn’t able to provide because of a health issue. Lost a friend who, somehow, helped me go through depression. I even ended an extremely toxic relationship. But in June 2018, slowly He opened my eyes to the good things that were coming into my life. I lost an opportunity I thought I needed, because I was meant to be part of a team that is continuously giving me the experiences I thought I’d never have. I had health issues, yes, but He is continuously healing me. I lost a friend, because He introduced me to people who helped me get closer to Him. He made me realize what I truly deserve and He guided me to the path that I am meant to take.

He never left my side. All along He was preparing me for something good and I am extremely thankful and happy for everything I have now. Life is beautiful and God made it that way, indeed.