We believe in early intervention – that prevention works more effectively than the cure. With this in mind we work to serve, support and strengthen our young people to help them to endure pressure from peers and society at large. With our community crying out against domestic violence to senseless tagging, who better to stand against his wave of anti-social behaviour than strong families that believe in a better tomorrow! We all want for a better tomorrow, why not start today, this generation one person at a time.

Our Vision


Our Mission

“We ENGAGE, ESTABLISH, EQUIP and EMPOWER our young people and their family, which in turns strengthen their community."

Our hope is that through Engaging, Establishing, Equipping and Empowering our young people, their positive examples of strong moral values and healthy outlooks will help break the cycle of a poverty mindset and self-destruction. Being involved in our leadership development and basic life skills programmes will reduce the chances of being a statistic as a delinquent and of crime rates. By being examples of positive change will build better communities and productive citizens.

Our mission is achieved through Friday night/Holiday programmes that provide young people with the environment/mentoring needed to ENGAGE, ESTABLISH, EQUIP and EMPOWER them with skills, training and motivation necessary to contribute to their family, their community, their country.