Women's Freedom Weekend June 2018

Freedom Weekend is a ministry focused on providing inner healing and deliverance. It is a safe place of worship, Bible teachings, prayer and personal ministry. If you’ve been to a Freedom Weekend before, we would invite you to come again! Understanding and walking out the Freedom Christ purchased for us on the cross is an on-going process. You can think of it as kind of spiritual Warrant Of Fitness where we all need help to realign, retune and reconnect to God. As a result of this much needed ministry we grow to become more and more like Christ and be all God has purposed us to be.

If you are interested please register via the link


Friday: 15th June (6pm - 9:30pm)

Saturday: 16th June (9am - 4:30pm)

Where: 9 Karaka Street, Eden Terrace, Auckland

Prices: $25 for students, $35 for adults